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On Tuesday morning, Mayor Frank Ortis hosted “Coffee with a Cop,” an initiative in which the public is invited to sit down with a police officer and chat. About six police officers were inside his restaurant, the Mayor’s Caf Bagel Emporium, while the president of the Police Benevolent Association, Jeff Murano, waged a one man protest outside with the help of an electronic billboard. Pembroke Pines Police have been working without a union contract since July but negotiations are at a standstill because the city and the union aren’t seeing eye to eye on pay and retirement benefits.

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led display OK, so now you have piqued their attention. What next? Chances are, they will have made eye contact with you. Invite them into the booth by asking them if they are looking for anything special. William Nelson Moore and his wife, Lucy Burritt, had their Redlands home constructed in 1895, in what was then a citrus grove. Both were born in New York in 1839 and both died here in 1922. They had two sons, Rollin and Alva. led display

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