You can hire or partner an accountant to manage this part of

You can hire or partner an accountant to manage this part of

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Next, with reference to your overall goal, identify the areas of skills and knowledge that need to be acquired to support your goal. At this juncture, you will need to consciously refer back to your natural abilities or talents, and behavioral style to determine which are the best skills and knowledge to acquire. As an example, you love children and wants to open a child care center as your goal. Your passion is to nurture the kids, but the idea of managing the finances of a business does not interest you at all. While all businesses entail finances, that does not mean you need to develop the skill and knowledge to handle the accounts. You can hire or partner an accountant to manage this part of the business, so that you may develop the relevant skill set needed to take care of children. On the other hand, if you do not enjoy running a business entirely, then the phrasing of your goal may need to be adjusted since it is possible to work in an environment with kids without owning the business.

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